Website Evaluation

Get an actionable audit report from Copywriters Studio on your website content to make it work for you as much as possible

Not getting the results from your website?

Use Copywriters Studio to evaluate your website and we’ll send you a report with the actionable steps to address the issues.

Tackle problems like:

  • No traffic
  • High bounce rates
  • Poor site speeds and performance
  • No sign-ups or purchases

What you get

A written report detailing issues and recommended solutions & strategies.
The report covers:

  • Content analysis – suggestions for content improvement including readability & useability
  • Site Speed – suggestions to improve your site performance
  • SEO Analysis – strategies to improve SEO
  • Site Security – strategies to improve your website security
  • Validation – suggestions to improve the quality of web development & design to W3C standards.

Getting the strategies to improve your website is just one click away

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