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Video content can increase your conversion rates by up to 65%. Marketers around the world are seeing ROI figures of up to 59%.

Video content is used on  websites, social media, landing pages and product demos. With marketers around the world seeing ROI figures of up to 59% it’s no wonder that video content and hiring video script writers, has become integral to online marketing strategy.

The latest challenge for website businesses and owners is creating the right video along with a video marketing strategy to have the most impact on your business.

What is video content and how to approach it?

Video is made up of moving or static images, music, sound effects and a script. These elements combine to engage, entertain and inform the viewer. A good video will grab your audiences attention and hold it. At the core of any type of video (whether it be a feature length DVD or 30 second advertisement), is a strong script.

The focus of developing a strong script should be on creating a viewers journey. It should also have a goal such as encouraging audiences to subscribe to a blog, to fill out a lead form, or by signing up for a newsletter or product trial, or making a purchase.

A successful strategy is dividing your viewers journey into stages, with each stage solving a problem and providing your audience with opportunities. Videos in stages will increase engagement along the way. Greater engagement, builds trust and establishes leadership in your brand.

Start out with Low Risk Video

Writing a video script is different to blogging or other content media and presents a new set of challenges. If you’re new to video production, then the best way to start is with Low Risk Video Content. Don’t set the bar too high by expecting instant viral video hits. Like any other media it takes time to build an audience. There are plenty of options for low risk simple video content – like video testimonials from customers or product reviews. Adobe has a great article on types of video content and statistics on video success.

Start out by integrating simple video content with your existing content. Its cost effective and makes sense to leverage existing media such as blog posts or articles. These can be redrafted and reworked into video scripts to keep costs down.

Whether you’re already experienced with video content or just getting started, here are some questions to consider.

  • What value is your video going to offer your audience?
  • Does it engage and keep your audience invested via a great story?
  • Does it explain how to solve a problem?
  • Does it give your audience any rewards such as a free trial, coupon code or a clickable link?
  • Does it offer value or is it just a monologue?

Hiring video scripts writers is an important consideration if you’re serious about producing video content but it doesn’t have to be hard. Copywriters Studio provides video script consultation and writing services at an hourly rate or per word charge. Please call us or get in touch if you have more questions.

Hiring video script writers is easy!

Get started with Video Content

*Statistics sourced from Hubspot and Adobe.


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