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Its a great time to be a copywriter, blogger or content creator. The content explosion on the inter-webs is showing no signs of ebbing. Content marketing is core to internet marketing. Now is the right time to get into copywriting and content creation training.

Online writing provides a unique career opportunity.

Some aspire to the Freelancers lifestyle, of working autonomously and independently from home, setting their own hours.

Others may aspire to becoming a full time staff writer with a major organisation.

While for some the goal is to become a published author, with their name in lights.

Whether you’re looking to change your career or enhance your skills, Copywriters Studio provides training via online courses and workshops.

Companies and brands are more focused on creating quality content than ever before…and this will increase into 2018

If you are looking to break into creative copywriting or you want to learn how to create a successful blog or you’re interested in writing your own ebook – our training provides the knowledge and skills you need to make it happen.

Our training includes: Copywriting, Content Marketing, SEO and Blogging.

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Copywriting Resources for aspiring Copywriters and Content Marketers.

Read Glen Murray’s journey to understand SEO and to top Google!


Practical SEO Copywriting’ is a comprehensive guide to writing for both readers and Google, when writing search engine optimized (SEO) copy.

It’s full of practical, realistic examples that will show you 8 clever techniques for avoiding most of the common problems with SEO copy today.

You’ll learn how to resolve the 15 most common conflicts between what Google wants and what your readers want.

Learn how SEO Copywriting can be fast. And much more.

Blogging Resources

Learn the secrets of successful blogging.